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Entries for March, 2010

Kahr Arms PM9 Review

Some shooters dislike handguns so small that they dangle their pinkie fingers. The Kahr Arms PM9 is a pinkie dangler to be true. But for those so inclined, Kahr’s spare magazine is one with an extension that allows for a full grip. Keep the short one in for concealment, and then when you need to [...]

Taurus PT745 Millennium Pro

The Taurus Millennium line of guns has established itself over the past several years as a solid, mid-level line of guns.  One of the more recent additions to that line is the 745 Pro.  It is a small .45 caliber weapon that is ideal for those looking for a more concealable gun without sacrificing to [...]

Taurus 738 TCP Review

I  finally got my hands on the Taurus TCP. Many who are looking for a pocket gun will certainly be looking at this as one of the options.  The design of the gun is solid.  The Titanium slide option is certainly a plus.  The design, somewhat modern, but functional.
Coming in at about the same price [...]

Glock 34 Review

The Glock 34 is a magazine-fed, semi-auto pistol chambered for the 9mm Parabellum [9x19, 9mm NATO, etc.] cartridge. It is derivative of every Glock pistol before it, utilizing the familiar recoil-operated, Browning-style, tilting-barrel action. It also utilizes the patented Glock “Safe-Action” system.
Dimensions are as follows:
Length: 8.15”
Width: 1.18”

Ruger LCR Review

First Impressions of the New Light, Compact Revolver
Ruger’s show stopping announcement is the new part-polymer revover: the Ruger LCR.  The LCR, or light, compact revolver, is a five shot, .38 +P self defense gun and Ruger’s follow up to the run-away success with the LCP.

Kel-Rec P-11 Review

In the last several years, responding to the demand for easily concealed handguns generated by the passage of laws allowing civilian concealed carry in more and more states, handgun manufacturers have introduced a large number of weapons of this type. Examples are the .357 Magnum snubbies from Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Taurus and Rossi; the [...]

Kel-Tec PF-9 Review

I’ve learned a lot about comfortable concealed carry over the last decade-plus. There are three goals anyone with a CCH license tries to achieve: safety/protection, comfort, and concealment. The desire to safely carry a weapon for protection is obvious. If you wear a handgun (or handguns, redundancy is your friend), then comfort is a

Ruger LCP .380 Review vs Kel-Tec P3AT

I have long accepted there is a place for the “Mouse Gun” as both an extreme hide gun and backup to a primary handgun.  And of the “Mouse Gun” calibers most prefer the .380 auto over the .25 or .32. To put this bluntly, though there have been lot’s of great .380 “Mouse Guns” out [...]

Smith and Wesson SW9VE Sigma Series 9mm Review

Modern handguns can be very expensive. Many of today’s most popular models feature European engineering and military, police, or competition pedigrees. While it can be appealing to have the same handgun that is used by an elite fighting force like America’s Delta Force, Germany’s GSG-9, or Britain’s Special Air Service, such prestigious firearms can have [...]

Browning Buckmark .22 Review

It is no secret that the 22 pistol of choice for many is the Ruger MKII. A major contender for the MKII’s place of prominence though, is the Browning Buckmark. The BuckmIt is no secret that my 22 pistol of choice is the Ruger MKII. A major contender for the MKII’s place of prominence though, is [...]