The Taurus Millennium line of guns has established itself over the past several years as a solid, mid-level line of guns.  One of the more recent additions to that line is the 745 Pro.  It is a small .45 caliber weapon that is ideal for those looking for a more concealable gun without sacrificing to a smaller caliber.

It is one of the smallest .45 caliber pistols on the market.  It is a single stack, 6 round gun that will almost fit in your pocket.  But in my opinion, not quite.  However it is very concealable.

The Taurus PT745 is similar to the company’s successful PT145, but smaller.  It is basically a “mini me” of the 145.  Controls seem to all be in the same places.  Grips similar, etc….  To get a .45 caliber pistol to this extremely compact size was no small feet.

The fit and finish is typical for Taurus.  The slide is a smooth satin black, with most corners rounded. The ergonomics of the pistol are superb.

The polymer grip assembly has sharp checkering for a good grip (but I would get a Hogue Handall), with contours on both sides that accommodate the thumb and trigger finger. The grip angle is the classic 11 degrees of the 1911, but contoured so that the pistol rides extremely low in the hand for positive control, to lessen felt recoil and reduce muzzle flip.

Because it is a single stack gun, it does feel smaller in the hand.  But that’s what you get when looking for a good concealable gun.

The gun functions well.  It had no jams of any kind when we test fired it.  It held a good group.  Recoil was a bit strong, but it is a very small pistol.  The energy has to go somewhere.  As far as a shooting gun, it is a great pistol.

The trigger is a true DAO design that functions via a transfer bar with integral sear that rides in a channel between the frame and the grip assembly. As the trigger is squeezed, the sear retracts the striker and as it reaches the end of its travel, the sear is cammed down via a small ramp, thus releasing the striker to fire the pistol. This system is smooth, reliable and consistent, but it does “stack” somewhat as it reaches the end of its travel and the striker spring fully compresses. We found that this had little or no effect on accuracy, however.

The striker is physically blocked by a firing-pin safety that is cammed out of the way by the striker as it is retracted. As the striker moves forward, the cam retains the safety out of the striker’s path long enough for the striker to hit the cartridge primer under its own momentum.

The DAO trigger pull is approximately 0.5″ in length and the pull weight is some 9 lbs., but actually feels lighter.  It is a bit creepy though.  The DAO feature as always is a great safety feature.  It’s like having a DAO revolver in your pocket.  You just feel safer.  And you don’t worry about shooting your %$$@ off.

The gun field strips easy enough.  And it shouldn’t cause real problems, even to the NOOB gun disassembler.  Note, it was not as easy as a Glock however.

What I didn’t like was the sights. The one we tested had a 2-dot vertical alignment system.  It drove me nuts.  But fortunately, this would not be a range gun.  Which leads to the 6 round mag.  It gets real old loading that thing.  It seems more difficult than usual to load the last round.   Once again, fortunately it is not a range gun.  If you buy it for this, get about  5 mags.

Other than those few items, I really like the gun.  Its short barrel does not lend itself to great accuracy.  But for an in your face moment, it will do just fine.  It comes with a lifetime warranty just like all Taurus guns.  The only problem is, I hope you never have to deal with Taurus customer no-service.  It is awful.  I have had that opportunity once, and I hope it never happens again.   While they did fix my problem, it was worse than an act of congress.

All in all, I feel this is a good gun for the money.  While it probably won’t win any competitions, it isn’t built for that.  It is built as a concealable .45 caliber pistol.  And it accomplishes that well.  And if you are presented with an in your face moment, it should function as intended.  I would not hesitate to carry this pistol if I were looking to the .45 caliber for my personal CCW.