For those that do not know, the PX4, I feel, was created by Beretta to compete with Glock and other polymer service guns. The PX4 is to ultimately be offered in DA/SA (F), Constant Action (C), DA/SA with decocker only (G), and DAO (D) triggers (currently DA/SA or F type is the only one available, I think). It is also to be offered in 9mm, .40 S&W, 357 Sig and .45 ACP (currently just in 9mm and .40). Beretta is rumored to be planning a mid-size and/or compact version to complement the full size (4” Barrel) PX4.

The pistol caliber carbine, CX4, can be had to accept the same magazines as the PX4 Pistol.

The one I reviewd is a full size 9mm in DA/SA PX4 Storm. The gun has replaceable and different size magazine buttons and back straps, but mine came with medium appendages only.
The gun came with three 17 round magazines (though most stores only have the 2-Mag box). From what I have determined (empirically), the back strap and entire trigger assembly are easy to remove and replace. Ultimately, one will be able to replace the trigger assembly with whatever action he desires and configure the back strap and magazine button to fit his or her hand size. You can also replace the decocker and slide catch with slim line versions that should make the gun more concealable.

The locking system, like the Beretta Cougar, uses a direct barrel to slide lock that rotates the barrel during unlock/recoil. This allows for a lower barrel axis and thus lower perceived recoil. If you’ve ever shot a Cougar, you’ll know what I’m talking about. You .45 guys should try a Cougar 8045 if you ever get the opportunity. You get more push and less muzzle flip with the rotating barrel.

Fired 100 rounds of Magtech 115gr round ball 9mm, 50 rounds of Winchester White Box 115gr 9mm, and 20 Rounds of Federal 124gr Hydra Shoks. Zero Failures of any kind. With the first magazine I had a nice 3” group that was 2” left of center. Continued shooting left of center and then switched to another gun a little while (not included in round count above). When I switched back, I brought the groups closer to the centerline and even tightened up a little. I had some groups at 2” at 10 yards and a few even tighter when I really concentrated on slow firing. On average, I’d say 2.5” – 3″ Groups groups for 10 rounds at 10 yards, and that is not bad for me. The left of center was starting to correct itself and I’m sure it was just me getting use to the trigger, but more range trips are warranted to make sure. I do not want to drift the sights until I get a chance to try the other back straps.

I took the time to disassemble, and it is done pretty easily.  Nothing difficult if you are accustomed to field stripping a semi.

The trigger is about what you would expect from a DA/SA gun. Although, the double action trigger felt a little gritty. You can feel all of the iternals meshing and rubbing, but that should ease up with use. The single action trigger has the expected take up in this type of gun, but was prefectly fine for my use.

As to the 17 round magazines, all I can say is Ouch! Those puppies are tight and I never did get 17 rounds in any of mags. The most I was able to load in one of the mags was 16, the other two – 14.   If you purchase this gun, I would suggest you load up the mags with 13 rounds or so and let them sit a while.  Then when you get to the range, you can probably insert the additional rounds.   A mag loading tool may also help.   I’ve never had a problem loading magazines before, but these guys were really tight.  Note to Beretta….. use a weaker spring.

After firing and holding this pistol, I think it would make a great nightstand gun.  It has luminous sights and as soon as night sights for this gun hit the market, they would provide additional enhancement.   I hope this doesn’t sound too much like a commercial for Beretta, but I think you would enjoy the PX4 Storm.  When they come out the the 357sig, I may pick up an extra slide and barrel in that caliber.

Overall, my opinion is, this is a great gun that is very finely made.  It is what you would expect from Beretta (not withstanding the series 1 model 92).  Great gun for nightstand, etc….  This is a bit too large for good concealment carry, but would work nicely in the car on a gungrabberz magnet.