Well, nes to say I am impressed.  I was finally able to get my hands on both Bodyguard models.  I was so impressed, that I bought the .380 version.  So here goes.

Considering that I have tried many pocket pistols, I went in thinking these would be more of the same.  First, I ran the .380 model through the paces.  It never missed a beat.  The trigger is LONGGGG, but smooth.  It actually stages very well.  After only one box of shells I was able to stage it just before it breaks.  This was a HUGE help in keeping the laser on target.  As you know if you have ever shot a laser with a long trigger pull, it can be tough to keep on target.  Once you learn to stage the trigger on the .380 it works really well.  The laser was not quite as bright as I would like it to be (not as bright as a Crimson Trace) but it does the job.  I used the safety once, and it worked.  I will not use it in the long run because I don’t see a need for it in a DAO pistol.  I shot 300 rounds, and it functioned flawlessly.  The grip feels very good in the hand, and actually better than any pocket pistol in its class.  I love this little gun.  It out performs the Kel-Tec (and I am a KT fan).  It makes the LCP feel like a cheap gun.  And the Taurus just didn’t perform well for me.  The mag extension feels good, but understand it makes the pistol just a bit bigger in the pocket….only like 1/2 inch though.  It is my opinion that this gun is now the leader in the class and S&W will sell a bunch.

OK, now to the .38 Special.  This gun functioned well as it should… it is a revolver.  No flaws.  Same complaint that the laser was not as bright as I would like, but it worked ok.  The grip feels good.  The balance is typical for a polymer revolver.  It feels just like the LCR to me.  Is it better?  Can’t really say that.  For the money, it is a better deal because it includes the laser.  But this gun and the Ruger LCR are equals in my opinion.  Buy the S&W and get the laser.  My only complaint is that I don’t like the laser switch.  It’s just in an awkward place for me being behind the cylinder.  I could get used to it, though.  I shoot a S&W 642 with a Crimson Trace laser all the time.  I like the balance of the 642 better and the laser is much better.  But then again, I have a whole lot more money in it.  All in all, if you are looking for a lightweight revolver, this one is a good one.  The few things I wasn’t thrilled about, I could easily get used to.

S&W has a huge winner with these guns.  The .380 outshines its peers in my opinion.  The .38 Special is equally as good as anything I have seen.

Happy Shooting!!!